Love heals, it cleans the soul, it calms the mind, it creates life.  It grieves at death.  Love does many things: it is in a family, between mother, father, sister, brother, dog, cat and everyone else in between; love is cherished which is why we grieve when someone leaves us.

Jenny Boxer - November 15, 2007

Jenny's Art Studio

With adequate funds, Jenny’s Quest will create Jenny’s Art Studio.  Any and every child diagnosed with brain stem cancer will be sent a package of art supplies, a list of art projects (painting, sculpture, crafts), and a “code” to get access to upload pictures of their projects to the website; a series of art projects will be available to help children and siblings express their emotions in confronting the disease.

Jenny's Writing Workshop

Children often express themselves through stories.  Writing can be an incredibly valuable tool for children and adults to express their feelings when confronting challenging times.  This is especially true with health issues that are out of their control.  Jenny kept a diary through parts of her fight with brain cancer, and it gave her an avenue to express what she could not say to parents and friends.

With adequate funds, Jenny’s Quest will create Jenny’s Writing Workshop.  Identified children diagnosed with brain stem cancer will be sent a writing kit (pens, pencils, diary, etc.), a list of writing projects, and an access code to upload their writing projects to the website.  For children too young to write, instructions will be provided to parents who can become the scribe for their children’s words.

Jenny’s Parents Place

With adequate funds, Jenny’s Quest will create Jenny’s Parents Place.  When established and funded, within 24 hours of verified notice, Jenny’s Quest will send a support package to the parent/family of each diagnosed child.  The support package will include: 30 days of food support (5 days per week for 6 weeks of radiation; financial support for travel to-and-from treatment centers; information on how to find a specialist to treat your child; an iPod for the child to listen to music during treatments or trips to the doctor; and a “How to Take Care of Yourself to Take Care of Your Child” page for parents.