Jenny Boxer died in March 2008. Jenny’s Quest is in its formative stages.  We need financial and in-kind support to initiate our research grants as well creating our outreach programs. Every dollar contributed will move Jenny’s Quest closer to reality and closer to creating the vision of a world where all pediatric brain stem cancers are curable.

There are no paid employees of Jenny’s Quest.  An all-volunteer staff will ensure that every dollar donated will go to support innovative research into pediatric brain stem cancers, or will go to the creation and implementation of the Jenny’s Quest outreach programs described above.

Our plan is to direct 75% of all donations to research and 25% of all donations going to Jenny’s Quest outreach programs.  As a donor, you may provide guidance to us as to which direction you would like your donation to go.

Jenny’s Quest is a California public benefit corporation and an IRS approved non-profit 501(c)3 charity. 

To make an on-line donation, please click below:


If you would rather send a donation in the mail:
Jenny’s Quest
P.O. Box 2908
Carmichael, CA  95609

(Please make checks payable to Jenny’s Quest)