In the face of an incurable, lethal brain tumor, Jenny Boxer’s greatest dream was to care for animals that had no one to care for them.  On March 19, 2008, just one month after a Make-a-Wish trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah, Jenny was granted her angel wings, passing over the Rainbow Bridge.

Jenny was born on August 1, 1996.  A premature baby of only 3 lbs, she was a miracle granted to her parents after 7 years of infertility treatments.  After a month in the hospital, Jenny went home and grew to be a tall, exuberant girl.  Jenny’s life was tap dancing, horseback riding, playing soccer, snorkeling, creating art, playing her saxophone, and touching the lives of family, friends and neighbors.  She had an unusual way of connecting with people, befriending and touching the hearts of other children and adults alike.

Jenny was luminous, a person who truly lit up every room she entered.  She was the “champion of the underdog,” whether it was a shy and excluded child or an injured animal that had trouble keeping up with the group.  Her compassion and empathy for others found her the ambassador for her class when welcoming a new student, or patiently guiding younger children while crafting art or learning to read. She had a creative and whimsical side which often set her apart from her peers, but allowed her to reach out to others, young and old. She sought out life’s adventure with a passion for nature, animals and everything in the world around her.  A child of unusual wisdom, Jenny would guide us to see the silver lining even during the cloudiest times.

In February 2007, Jenny was diagnosed with a brain stem glioma, an incurable form of brain cancer.  Given no chance of recovery, she went forward excelling in school while undergoing extensive radiation and continual chemotherapy, fighting her way forward, searching for some unique combination of therapeutic agents that could offer her time or a cure; in short she lived looking for a miracle.  Unfortunately, that miracle was not to be, but before she passed the Make-a-Wish Foundation sent Jenny to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, where Jenny was able to help dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, horses, pigs, and myriad other needy animals with whom she felt such a personal connection as she dealt with her medical challenges.  The story of Jenny’s wish has inspired people around the globe.