Our Vision

As many have read, great progress has been made in treating and curing some of the most prominent cancers.  Stories like that of Lance Armstrong populate the media.  Huge steps forward have been made in treatment of breast cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, and others.  However, little progress has been made in effectively treating, let alone curing, brain stem cancer, especially in children.

Pediatric brain stem cancers are rare, yet incredibly lethal.  Treatment of brain stem cancers has been frustrating; at this point, new therapies have yielded little benefit over conventional treatment with radiation alone.  Because they are not common, research and treatment of these “orphan” diseases do not attract the kind of financial support provided to more common cancers. 

In fact, financial support of pediatric cancer research, including brain tumors, is being reduced because of the perception that so much progress has been made with other childhood cancers, like leukemia where the cure rate is nearly 80 percent. Without the financial support of private organizations, like Jenny’s Quest, children diagnosed with brain stem cancers will continue to be left with a poor prognosis and little hope.

No child should lose their life so early; no parent should ever have to hear to a doctor explain that their child will die and there is nothing that they can do about it.  This is a tragedy as well as a travesty.

The vision of Jenny’s Quest is a world where all pediatric brain stem cancers are curable.

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